MuscleCar Station Restoration Facility Tour

originally a automotive dealership
MuscleCar Station Showroom, office and shop was originally a automotive dealership of the 1930s.
MuscleCar Station building is being fully restored
Restored Sunoco Gas Pumps accent front entrance. The MuscleCar Station building is being fully restored also!
Muscle Cars, 60s and '70s memorabilia
MuscleCar Station Showroom is filled with '60s and '70s memorabilia.
Plymouth GTX 440
A picture of MuscleCar Station Showroom with previous customer's Bob Larkin's 66 HEMI Charger and Randy Allee's 70 Plymouth GTX
MuscleCar Station shop area
MuscleCar Station shop area
restoration projects meticulously organized
Each restoration project meticulously organized
work areas
Clean work areas are a Musclecar Station must
Hot Rod spoken here
Hot Rod Spoken at Muscle Car Station!
MuscleCar station break area
Break and maintenance area.
MuscleCar Station front entrance
Front entrance to Muscle Car Station shop and showroom areas.

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