Services We Offer

Nick’s MuscleCar Station specializes in 60’s and 70’s Mopar, Ford and GM Muscle Car Restorations. However, we invite you to contact us for any car restoration project. When you deal with Nick’s MuscleCar Station you’re dealing with experience, honesty and integrity! The highest quality auto restoration at a fair price and the job is done right at Nick’s MuscleCar Station, your performance car restoration headquarters in the central United States.

We are a full-service car restoration that specializes in bodywork and paint, but also can do a complete restoration job. We are equipped to handle anything from antiques and street rods to retros, customs, and pro-street cars. We DO NOT do insurance work and never will. Nick’s MuscleCar Station has a total of 5,000 sq. ft. of shop space located in historical Fort Scott, Kansas. Nick’s MuscleCar Station has specialized tools, equipment, and personnel to perform complete frame-off and rotisserie car restorations to the highest standards.

Nick’s MuscleCar Station will expertly perform any part of a restoration for you, or we can do your complete restoration.

We are equipped to handle any or all of your restoration project, from beginning to end. Here is the process we go through on every complete restoration. Please contact us of we can help you with any of these steps, no matter whether it is metal work or assembling a painted vehicle.

The Complete Restoration Process

Disassembly for Car Restoration


  • Disassembly is all about memory–keeping everything organized and properly tagging all parts to ensure that everything will be there when the car is ready to be put back together! That is our top priority in the disassembly.
Media Blasting during Car Restoration
Media Blasting
Chemical Stripping


  • This is a vital process in the restoration, as this allows us to see what is lying beneath the paint and to truly see how much rust repair will need to be done. We blast hard-to-get areas and chemically strip everywhere else. Blasting can sometimes warp panels, so chemicals eliminate this problem.
  • After this, we will contact the customer and either send pictures or have them come in and look at the project. There are usually issues that were not seen before, so this way we can explain the plan of attack with the issues that show up.
Epoxy Seal during Auto Restoration
Sealing in Epoxy

Seal in Epoxy

  • Epoxy primers are used to waterproof and help protect bare metal from oxidation and corrosion. Since we are in Southeast Kansas, humidity is usually a problem and this helps eliminate surface rust from forming on the bare metal.
Metal Work during Auto Restoration
Metal Work

Metal Work

  • Metal work is the key to a good paint job. If the metal work isn’t fixed right, the paint work will show it. We take pride in correcting the panels to original or better condition before any bodywork is done on the panels. We also have the capability to fabricate panels when necessary. We always finish both sides of the panels so it looks original inside and out.


  • Bodywork is the key to a good restoration! Without great bodywork and attention to detail, it doesn’t matter if you have amazing painting skills, the imperfections will still show through. We pride ourselves on taking the time to ensure we have great bodywork so that your vehicle can looks it’s best at the very end!
Primer and Sealer during Classic Car Restoration
Primer & Sealer

Primer & Sealer

  • Primer is the key to a lasting flat and smooth paint job. We always use polyester primer to eliminate shrinkage. Urethane and lacquer primers always shrink, which creates problems later in the restoration.
Custom Paint Job during Classic Car Restoration
Paint Job

Paint Job

  • Paint is the first thing you see when you look at a car. Without quality paint, nothing else will be respected on a restoration. Attention to detail and quality flat paint is our number one priority at Nick’s MuscleCar Station. We use Valspar, PPG, and Axalta products to provide the customer with a large variety of colors and to deliver the highest quality of paint.
Color Sanding during Auto Restoration
Color Sanding

Color Sanding

  • Every paint job that comes out of Nick’s MuscleCar Station is color sanded using several different grits of sandpaper. Starting with 600, we will wet sand the paint with 1000,1500,2000,2500,3000 and 5000. This makes the paint flat and will eliminate all sand scratches so it is a perfect finish.
Hand Polish during Classic Auto Restoration
Hand Polishing

Hand Polish

  • We will never use a buffer. All the paint is polished by hand to avoid the ripples created by buffers. Buffers will also create heat, which can damage your car’s paint job and cause problems later down the road.
Final Assembly


  • Assembly is a tedious task that needs a lot of attention. Careful attention to detail is always maintained throughout the assembly process. We try to use as much of the original trim and parts as we can. Aftermarket trim and parts are close, but do not always fit correctly. Using original trim and parts allows us to provide the quality of work you expect from Nick’s MuscleCar Station.

Here at Nick’s MuscleCar Station, we want you to feel comfortable with all the work being done and to know that your vehicle is being well taken care of! We provide you with pictures of the process monthly so that you can keep track of all the progress and know exactly what is being done. No matter if you are in the Midwest, West Coast, or anywhere else in America, you always know where we are at on your project. Also, all billing will be done at the end of the month so you don’t have any large/unexpected bills.