About the Owner

Nick Koehn, the owner of Nick’s MuscleCar Station, has always had a passion for vintage/classic cars and memorabilia. As a kid, he always enjoyed going over to his Grandpa’s to work on lawnmowers and to learn tips from a professional mechanic. When Nick was in high school he began restoring a 1981 Chevrolet Silverado and was able to complete that project by the end of high school. Nick then decided Automotive Restoration was the career for him.

His Junior year, he decided to apply to McPherson College in their Automotive Restoration program. When the letter came and he was accepted into this one of a kind school for restoring and preserving classic cars, he was very excited. McPherson College is the only college in the World that offers a Bachelor’s Degree in Automotive Restoration! While in college, Nick started a project on a 1933 Chevy Rat Rod that was a blast to build and drive. However, he did learn a lot from this project and decided then that his interest was in paint and bodywork.

To make the most out of his education, Nick pursued an internship in paint and bodywork with Herschel (Junior) Conway in Bell Gardens, California. Junior Conway runs JR’s House of Color and is very well known in the automotive world as possibly being the best Painter in the World and the King of Candy. During his experience in LA at JR’s House of Color, he learned painting techniques that can not be taught anywhere else in the world along with how to hand polish the paint so there are never any power tools used on the finished paintwork.

Nick also attended Pebble Beach to see some of the outstanding work of many builders across the world. After spending two summers with JR Conway, Nick graduated with a Bachelor’s of Science in Automotive Restoration. Nick decided to stay in Kansas and took a position in Fort Scott, KS at Muscle Car Station. Muscle Car Station specialized in restoring 60’s and 70’s Muscle Cars along with classic cars. Nick worked for Muscle Car Station for 7 ½ years before deciding to take over the business himself. Nick’s MuscleCar Station was formed specializing in paint and bodywork on 60’s and 70’s muscle cars along with other classic cars and trucks.

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